A movie for all ukulele lovers …

This award winning film that champions the ukulele is screening 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm Saturday 15 December 2018  at the Elizabeth Picture Theatre in Brisbane.
Written and Directed by brilliant newcomer Cameron Nugent, it’s about a young Mexican boy who finds a ukulele on a hard rubbish pile and learns to play so he can write a magical song for his dying grandmother. This beautiful family fable, is a story of love and music, for all ages. The musical score, a beautiful soundtrack to a charming film, is being performed live in the cinema by the virtuoso guitar duo The Grigoryan Brothers.

The trailer can be seen here sailboatthemovie.com and tickets purchased through that website or via Trybooking.

A boy called Sail Boat, and the magic of ukulele.

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