Shop for all things ukulele

Find out how to buy a uke or advertise one for sale, and order BUMS merchandise.

Looking for your first ukulele?

We take the stress out of finding the ukulele that’s just right for you. There’s ‘Buying a Uke’ advice on our Learning Uke page. Then visit our Sponsors & Supporters page to find a BUMS-friendly store near you.

Selling a ukulele?

Members can advertise ukes for sale on the For Sale page of the BUMS Inc website, or on our BUMS Inc Facebook site. Visit the For Sale web page to find out how.

BUMS Inc Merchandise

Visit the BUMS Bazaar.

Check out the new BUMS 2020-2021 range.


Remember postage costs extra. Within Australia,

  • Regular Post costs $10.00 per order (Allow 3 business days from date of dispatch.) 
  • Express Post costs $17.01 per order (Allow 1 business day from date of dispatch.)

Order with your friends to save money on postage.


To order from the BUMS 2020 range.

1. Go to BUMS Bazaar.

2. In the ‘Products’ menu, click on the ‘BUMS 2021’ menu item.

3. Click on the t-shirt design you’d like to order.

4. In the new window, set the t-shirt quantity, colour and size options. Remember to ‘uncheck’ the default order for a 2XL if you are ordering a different size. Check that the number of shirts and total cost has calculated correctly.

5. Click ‘Add to Cart’.

6. Check the details in the ‘You have just added’ popup box.

7. Click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more t-shirts to your Cart. Or, click ‘Checkout’ to view your Cart.

8. If your order is correct, click ‘Checkout’.

9. Add your name, email address and billing and shipping addresses.

10. Read the Terms & Conditions, then check the Terms & Conditions box.

11. Click ‘Proceed to Shipping Methods’.

12. Select your shipping method and add instruction if necessary.

13. Click ‘Proceed to Payment’.

14. Select your payment methods (credit card or bank transfer).

15. Click ‘Proceed to check order information’.

16. Click ‘Complete Checkout’.

17. Enter your payment details.

18. Check the ‘Pay amount’. The click ‘Pay amount’.

Should be plain sailing from there … happy shopping at BUMS Bazaar!

PS Suggestions for t-shirt slogans welcome. Email your ideas to .