SPRUKE 2019 — Brisbane’s premier ukulele festival — is just seven months away. For the many new BUMS who’ve recently joined our great ukulele community, the goal of SPRUKE (as well as having lots of fun) is to provide free and affordable:

• quality ukulele-based entertainment, and singing and music-making opportunities for audiences

• networking and professional development opportunities for ukulele performers, teachers and leaders.

We all enjoy the well-documented intellectual, physical and social benefits of making music. As a not-for-profit Society, all income from fund raising activities and membership fees is used to make the joy of music accessible to all ages from all walks of life. There’s lots planned for our 5th ukulele festival, and we need your help to deliver a great festival. Here’s what you can do …

Sponsor (Financial or In-Kind)
You or your business can help fund this inspiring initiative by generously donating goods or services for use in fundraising activities, or by sponsoring part of the festival. All prize donors and sponsors are acknowledged on our web and social media sites, wherever tickets are sold, and at the festival finale.

Applications to contribute to SPRUKE 2019 are now open. We’re looking for Billets and Volunteers.

Perform & Present
Applications to perform and present at SPRUKE 2019 will open early in April.

For further information, check out the SPRUKE website, then please contact the Festival Director, Mr Dave Charles on 0438 718 842, or our Sponsorship Coordinator, Max Borchardt, on 0402 071 483 or email .