‘Street-Smart’ Music Theory builds on a layman’s understanding of scales to build understanding of chord construction. This workshop will enlighten you to the mysteries of creating and identifying chords and chord diagrams. You will gain a knowledge of why chords are constructed in such a mathematical regimen.

The workshop provides easy to follow handouts to aid in the creation and identification of chord structuring.

The information provided will benefit beginners to intermediate musicians wanting to further their musicality by adding knowledge of constructing chords using the methodology of notes in major scales.

Participants will leave the workshop with a chord construction recipe. Although the workshop is ukulele-based, the information obtained can be used across a wide range of stringed instruments and keyboards.

If time permits, there will also be instruction on the Nashville Numbering System that eliminates the need for writing copies of song chords in different keys, using instead, a chord numbering system.

When you attend this workshop, bring along an inquisitive mind, a sense of humour and a pencil and notepad for any notes you’d like to take throughout the exercise.


Financial BUMS tickets $10 use promo-code received Mon 23 August via email. Tickets at Trybooking from Wed 25 August.
A ticketed COVID-Safe event.

Sat 4 Sep 2021

Zillmere Community Hall, 52 Murphy Road, Zillmere, Brisbane, QLD 4034



Presenter Bio: Mick Angeles learnt music from the “College of Hard Knocks”. His ‘laid-back’, friendly nature makes learning easy. Mick puts a “layman’s” spin on music theory that demystifies scales, notes and chord construction. At his Music Theory Workshops at the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival, The Gympie Muster and Bony Mountain Folk Festival, music teachers applaud his simplification of the arduous rigidity of learning music theory.

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