The Sublime Ukelectics debut

After forming in early 2021, The Sublime Ukelectics performed their first gig on 12 June. The lucky audience to see their performance were attendees at the Montessori Australia Conference opening night drinks. And what a venue! The Sky lounge at the Ibis Airport Hotel.

What a stage

It was a glorious space to perform. We set up during daylight and watched the sun set. The band warmed up with nearly 360-degree views.

Warm up with a view.

We performed with the night skyline as our backdrop. Whist we played our audience drank, had canapes and networked with their colleagues.

Performing after sundown. Becky in the speckled lime pants.

It was a lovely setting and thanks go to Scott, one of our members, for suggesting us as a performance possibility to his Montessori colleagues.

Airport view

The band

The Sublime Ukelectics was formed after the closure of the southside band ‘The Cage’. A few past Cage members came across, but we also have newcomers in the group. As anyone who plays in a band knows, having a gig to work towards is a powerful motivator. We had a busy two months polishing and tightening our thirty-minute set.

Our eight songs were an eclectic mix including, Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band, Lighthouse by the Waifs, Mother Nature’s Son by the Beatles and Old Dan Tucker based on the Bruce Springsteen cover.

The 15 performers on the night did a fantastic job and the comments from the audience afterwards were as glowing as the night lights we performed in front of.

All sing! That’s Wendy on the left back row.

A newcomer’s perspective

Wendy Maltman shares her perspective of the night.

“My first musical gig and it was the premiere performance of Sublime Ukelectics! How good is that?

With only a couple of months to prepare eight songs, the pressure was on. We learnt new skills and made new friendships. Best of all was the satisfaction of working together to deliver an entertaining performance. We had lots of hard work and laughs under Becky’s patient and enthusiastic tutelage.

Scouring op shops for black and lime-coloured outfits was lots of fun and we looked great on the night. We were sublime. For me, being part of a group meant there were very few first night nerves. It made a difference having band members all around me. We warmed up with great excitement and went on to perform with gusto.

I reckoned we had had as much fun, or more, than the audience. I’m sure there a few audience members who wished they were part of Sublime Ukelectics!”

The band shared a meal after the show to celebrate their first gig.


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