Well even though the social distancing and lockdown of 2020 meant we had couldn’t jam together, there is a silver lining! After ten months and nineteen BUMS Online Jams we have assembled an extensive library of videos produced by our enthusiastic and talented BUMS members.  As a perk for BUMS Inc members only, we are re-editing and posting these videos with the matching song sheets in our private Facebook group – BUMS Online.

This will provide a valuable resource for members to practise the songs at home, and get familiar with the songs before playing along at jams. Our set leaders from the Coorparoo, Westside, Ferny Grove and Northside jams plan to include some of these songs in their jam sets each month, help you to advance your playing skills. You’ll be welcome to come and play the song on stage with us at the jams. We will be posting songs for all levels of players.

Videos with the song sheet are ONLY available in the BUMS Online private Facebook group.


ONLY financial BUMS Inc members are eligible for membership to BUMS Online.



  • Be a financial member of BUMS. Join or renew here.
  • Have a Facebook account.
  • Apply to become a member and be accepted by the group admins.

You’ll find a more in depth guide on how to join BUMS Online on our Membership Benefits web page.



  • Scroll down posts under the Discussion tab, OR
  • Look under the Media > Videos and Files (song sheets) menus
  • Search for the video using the hashtag #Playalong.
  • Search for the song sheet using the hashtag #songsheet.

To play along, download and print the song sheet pdf and have it on your music stand as you play the video.  The key of the song and the arrangement will match the video.

To play along without printing the song sheet, download the song sheet and open it in a separate tab.  Then play the video and switch to the song sheet tab.

We look forward to hearing from you on this new initiative either with a comment in BUMS Online or you can send to Jo via 

BUMS Online Play-along Videos and Song Sheets Available

  • Da Do Ron Ron – performed by Peter Grace
  • I Should Have Known Better – performed by Spare Parts
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – performed by Amanda Allwood
  • Valerie – performed by Adrian Board
  • COVID Blues – performed by Steve Sandilands & Cath McCourt
  • Sweet Child of Mine – performed by Mick Angeles & Marg Monaghan
  • Things – performed by Spare Parts
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane – performed by Sue & Peter Sercombe with Ian Phillips
  • Runaround Sue (coming) – performed by Adrian Board


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In March 2020, BUMS Inc introduced temporary free associate membership to allow as many people as possible to join BUMS Online during COVID lock down. However, Extraordinary Associate Membership expired on 31 December 2021.

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$25 covers membership from January – June 2021. However, fees of $50 for the 2021-2022 financial year will be due on 1 July 2021.

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If you pay after 31 January 2021, or find that you’ve been deleted in error, please reapply. Applications from financial members are approved promptly.

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Westside and Ferny Grove had to be cancelled so lets jam at home mask free! Last online Jam until BUMS Online switches to current financial members only.





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All BUMS members are invited to join our private Facebook group called, you guessed it, BUMS Online! The group has grown rapidly to support and help our members with all things ukulele including sharing songs, performances from home, discussions, reviews, tutorials, and our popular live-streaming jams. We currently have 295 members active online and there is lots happening!

We are up to our eighth Big Uke Jam Online on 1 July 2020. Jam #8 features sets from Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts, David Hethorn, David Pedler & Lyn Lucas, Caroline Haig, Adrian Board, and Spare Parts with Max Borchardt as MC.

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BUMS is planning to support our ukulele community and performers with some exciting events, concerts and workshops as soon as it is safe for us all to gather again.

Due to its success, the BUMS Online Members Group is expected to also continue and will become one of the perks of continuing BUMS membership.

Adrian Board reviews our inaugural BUMS online jam. 

There’s positives to everything, even a pandemic.

Ok, nobody asked for the world we live in at the moment. But it’s not all bad.  For example, we couldn’t get together in person, so we ran an online jam.

First Time Round

At first it was weird. All we saw was Max speaking. I use the term ‘saw’ because we didn’t ‘hear’ him. That sent the tech monkeys into a scramble which resulted in success. Initially, I was a little sad because I miss everybody. That turned into relief when I started strumming and singing with my friends. I didn’t realise how much I needed a strum. For some reason, I have been a little on edge lately. I can’t imagine why. Anyway, it was awesome.

Actually, in some ways it was better than a physical jam. Let me explain. I didn’t have to line up at a bar, and could order any beverage I so desired. I could sledge both other audience members and the presenter via the chat window without fear of being in trouble for talking during a performance. Nobody needed to hang around to pack up the equipment and chairs. The performers could change costumes between songs. Ian Philips wasn’t wearing pants. The list goes on.

Future opportunities

In all seriousness, the online jam presents opportunities that physical jams don’t, in terms of both experiencing it as an audience person and a performer. In a live jam, you are distanced from the performer and cannot see what their hands are doing. It won’t be long before some of the performers realise that they can use the camera to their advantage and demo some strumming and plucking techniques, which will take the jam to the next level.

I thoroughly enjoyed the online jam and recommend it to all and sundry. I look forward to the next one. In the meantime, I wish everybody healthy families, finances, bodies and spirits.

At some point in time this will end and we will miss the online jams, but for now, we have an opportunity to enjoy them, so please take this opportunity while you can. These jams have been made just for you … yes you. Now smile at the love being shared and pick up your uke, it’s time to practice.

BUMS Inc Online Jams

With the success of our inaugural BUMS online jam, more are planned. The BUMS Online Big Uke Jam are streamed fortnightly in the private Facebook Group BUMS Online – Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS) Members. To be accepted you MUST be a member of BUMS Inc. Find out how you can get FREE membership until 30 June 2020.

BUMS will be streaming jams on Wednesday 29 April (get an extra one as there’s five Wednesdays in April!), 6 May and 20 May. If restrictions stay in place, then 3 and 17 June.


From BUMS on seats to BUMS online … our busy BUMS community leaders show amazing resilience, creativity and community spirit. As a result, the Internet’s alive with ukulele activities from our local leaders and overseas friends.

BUMS Inc Members

Just for BUMS members we have created a private Facebook group called, you guessed it, BUMS Online! The group is to support and help our members, with all things ukulele including sharing songs, performances from home, discussions, reviews, tutorials, and even live-streaming jams (fingers crossed).

All members should have received their invitation by email Saturday 28 March, 4:40 PM. If you didn’t check your spam!

For those not financial members, there is still lots of free resources and content being shared on the BUMS Facebook Page @brisbaneukulele.

Open Mics and Play-alongs

Leading the move online are The CAGE band leaders, Bec Lochel and Ian Phillips.

Fortunate Facebook friends are treated to almost daily posts from this energetic pair. This week, they’ve composed parodies, and posted simple songs to play along with.

Recently returned President Dave Pedler and Lyn Lucas, also entertained us with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

Online Jams

Behind the scenes, jam leaders Andrew Hunt (Albany Creek & Northside) and Linda Gough (Ferny Grove ) were very busy. Last week they worked with President David Pedler, IT Manager John Henderson and Media Manager, Jo Kunde, to navigate licensing issues and investigate online jam options.

online trial

Andrew Hunt trials a Facebook jam format.

So far, our team has trialled Zoom and Facebook. In addition, they’ve assisted interstate colleagues in their online trials. And the committee surveyed member about their online preferences.

Band Practice

Band leader, John Low is trialling Zoom to keep NUMB BUMS members collaborating. If you missed the memo, Zoom band practices begin Monday 30 March 2020.

Online Tutorials

In addition, enterprising BUMS member and ukulele teacher, Erin Harrington, offers free YouTube tutorials.

Experience entertainer and ukulele teacher, Vic Kena, offers you an ‘Easy Way to Play Along with Bohemian Rhapsody‘ via YouTube.

Gotta uke? Get involved!

I hear those ukes a-comin’ … they’re strummin’ round the bend
I ain’t done no jamming … since I don’t know when
I’m stuck in Covid lock-down … and time keeps draggin’ on
But my uke just keeps a-hummin’ … as I strum along.

While you’re missing the usual ukulele vibe, try something new.  Take advantage of the BUMS online activities as they emerge.

Meanwhile Overseas

Manitoba Hal Brolund: LIVE STREAM
2:00 pm Saturday 28 March Halifax NS time (Atlantic).
Into the blues? Join Hal if you can! Hal will play songs, loop, talk, and hang out with you. If you miss this one, there’s sure to be more. Watch Hal’s Facebook for notices.

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel: Not-so-Little Online Ukulele Festival LIVE!
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday 11 April 2020 Hawaiian time
Join Craig and Sarah for free lessons, performances, demonstrations, play-alongs, Q&As and prizes.