How to look after your uke in Queensland

Looking after your uke is a mix of common sense combined with cheap and simple care. Here are some tips on coping with hot and humid Queensland, changing strings and keeping your uke looking good.

Kyser Dehumidifier for the sound hole of your uke.

Keeping your use cool and dry

It’s been a hot and humid summer.  Just as we humans are mostly water, your ukulele is mostly timber.  They can suffer terribly if they’re left to the elements.  Store your uke away from direct sunlight and in a temperature regulated environment to avoid cracking, warping and glue dissipation.  You wouldn’t leave your kids or pets in a hot car – same applies to your uke.

The best way to inexpensively prevent moisture in the air getting to your beautiful uke is to keep some silica gel in your case.  Or you can purchase de humidifiers – a great investment particularly in muggy Queensland.

Check out the uke specific Kyser humidifier made for the sound hole.

New strings

To keep your uke sounding good, it needs new strings at least every now and again. They’re cheap, easy to fit and will almost always improve the tone/tuning/playability of your instrument. If your ukes intonation is off, the tuning is going out frequently or the sound is becoming dull, that’s the first place to start.

We recommend trying a few different sets to see what you like the best. Brands like Aquila offer a wide variety of uke strings and are great to test out without breaking the bank. If the thought of doing your own tie on strings at the bridge is daunting, Ernie Ball make a string with ball ends which simply slot in and pull through – no ties needed.

Keep your uke looking good with Dunlop 65 cleaner.Keeping your uke clean

STOP! PUT THE PINE-O-CLEEN DOWN!  Only instrument specific cleaning products should be used on your uke. The best way to clean the wood is to gently rub it down with a soft microfiber cloth and a small amount of Dunlop 65 polish and cleaner.  Use lemon oil to clean and condition your finger board.

Thanks to Sean from Morris Brothers for these tips.  Morris Brothers is a major sponsor of BUMS and stocks a ‘great wall’ of ukuleles as well as all the products mentioned.