Christmas is coming and it’s time to get festive at Jingle BUMS.

Grab your ukulele, your family and friends and kick off the holiday season with all your ukulele friends. We have a cracker of a night of entertainment, fun and frivolity to end 2017 with a bang!
Jam along to all your Christmas favourites with FreeRange ChUKES, Jimmy Hooper, Anything Goes, Tutus and Just Flukey.


Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street Coorparoo

Festive Nibbles from 6:30 pm. Jam starts 7:00 pm

BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

Lindsay checking out the Kanile’a Ukulele Raffle Prize

Bring some spare change for our Christmas Raffle

Tickets $2 or 3 for $5.

One lucky person will be taking home a beautiful ukulele. Thanks to Kanile’a ‘Ukulele one of our major fundraising sponsors for SPRUKE Festival.


Lucky Door Prize

You could WIN a two-night stay for a couple at the Stanthorpe Country Cabin at the picturesque Mount View Winery (valued at $220) just for being there.

Our Lucky Door Prize is generously donated by Dave and Angela McGrath of Mountview Wines.



Dress to impress ….Santa!

We will have lots of fun prizes for

* Worst Christmas T-Shirt
* Best Dressed BUM
* Best Dressed Junior BUM
* Best Headgear -Hat whatever!

See you there ….with bells on!

Ferny Grove and Northside Jams unite for Christmas! Join Linda Gough, Paul Morris and Tony Richardson for a fun night as they lead a festive strum with special guest performers The CHUMS, The NUMBBUMS, and The Daytrippers.

Catch up with all your northside friends for a drink and nibbles from 6:30pm.

Our wonderful sponsors Morris Brothers Music Store at Stafford have donated the raffle prize and lucky door prize.

Check out the Morris Brothers pop-up shop with lots of giftideas for the musically minded….maybe pick up a Christmas pressie for yourself!

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club, 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove, QLD 4055 (07) 3851 1889
TIME: Nibbles from 6:30pm. Jam starts 7:00– 9:00 pm
COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

Please note there is no Ferny Grove Jam on Wednesday 20 December and no Northside Jam on Tuesday 26 December. This event replaces both for December 2017.

Got an itch to play ukulele? Take it to The Scratch Bar, Milton very third Sunday of the month!
Bring your uke and join Blair for a Sunday session with a difference. Enjoy a brew and very casual jam for intermediate players (beginners most welcome). All projected on a screen so no need to bring music, just your ukulele and get ready for a rollicking good time. A select menu of goodies to eat and great boutique beers & ciders are available.

VENUE: The Scratch Bar, 8/1 Park Road, Milton
TIME: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

The Scratch Jam is on every third Sunday of the month. You can always see what’s coming up on our News & Events page. Check out other jams around Brisbane on our Jam Venues page.

Ukuleles as well as fiddles, mandolins, tin whistles, guitars and a concertina are all welcome at Uke Plays Irish!

Join Peter McMeel and Brendan Williams every Thursday to bring a bit of the Irish to Toowong Bowls Club. Peter shares with us how the group is travelling.

Uke Plays Irish meet weekly Thursdays at Toowong Bowls Club.

On the first night about 25 people came right on time. I was surprised at the depth of people’s enjoyment and participation. Also surprising was the breadth of experience, talent and commitment. This group will flourish as a result of a committed core of highly experienced musicians who did say they will support this event throughout it’s life.

The singing was beautiful and filled the club wonderfully. Many people had ukuleles tuned in D*. There were 3 fiddles, mandolins, tin whistles, guitars and a concertina.

The playing on the second night started to sound magical as many people hit their stride with some of the basic techniques for supporting the melodies with chordal progressions. Simple two and three chord songs were repeatedly used to enable musicians to learn their musical structure and then anticipate the chord changes. This quickly evolved over the second night in a very pleasant way.

The Uke Plays Irish Sessions already sound wonderful with the club space resounding with beautiful music.

VENUE: Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Road, Taringa QLD 4068
TIME: Every Thursday night 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The session extends into “All Instruments” at around 6:30 pm and continues till around 8 pm
BRING: Ukes tuned in D for Celtic.

If you like to have a craic check out this post for more info

Check out more pics from the night on Facebook .

* Points on Tuning
The ukulele will be tuned up one whole step from C to D. GCEA becomes ADF#B.
D tuning can be high or low on string 4, in the same way as C. High tuning produces a wonderfully sweet and addictive harp like sound. Low tuning will extend the melodic range of the instrument a very handy amount, because ukuleles otherwise have quite a limited range. Watch out! God forbid, you may eventually wish to have a ukulele specially preserved in each tuning!

BUMS welcome the Pacific Jewel and Ukulele Cruisers

Over 100 Ukesters arrived in Brisbane on Wednesday 31 May aboard the Pacific Jewel with the “2017 Ukulele Cruise Along”.

BUMS members welcomed them and gave ’em a taste of typical Brissie hospitality. Media Manager, Jo Kunde, orchestrated the social event to engage our adventurous, friendly BUMS with the cruising ukulele enthusiasts.

The Pacific Jewel docked at Fishermans Island and the itinerary for the morning  included meeting the cruiser group at ANZAC Square, escorting them to Southbank, sharing a sausage sizzle BBQ and a jam or two.

The group chatted live with 612ABC  radio’s Terri Begley at ANZAC Square, and played ‘Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again’ for the Morning Program.

Radio 612ABC recording BUMS playing ‘Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again’ at ANZAC Square.

At Southbank Parklands our visitors also had a photo shoot at the iconic Brisbane sign, and checked out the Maroon Festival for State of Origin- Game 1.

Friendly BUMS assembled to welcome the cruising uke enthusiasts.





Peter McMeel and Brendan Williams are bringing a bit of the Irish to Toowong Bowls Club

Peter McMeel and Brendan Williams bringing a bit of the Irish to Wooloongabba

NOTE this post has been updated for 2019 with a name, and another venue change.
McCarthys Celtic Music Session, check it out if you are looking for a new challenge and want to advance your skills in a new, highly addictive direction.
The Dandelion Social, 4/591 Wynnum Road, Morningside.
• Every Thursday night from 11 July 2019.
• From 6:30 pm
• Ukes tuned in D for Celtic. See notes on tuning below.

“Ukuleles are very versatile string instruments and can be tuned to many pitches. To play Irish you will tune up one whole step from C to D. Instead of the usual GCEA the strings are now tuned to ADF#B. Now your uke handles the Irish repertoire with much greater ease. As well, believe it or not, ukuleles will sound even more fantastic when they are tuned to D! Try it and let me know!

Irish Traditional Music, ITM, is based around the Keys of D, G, Em and Am. These keys can be easily played if your ukulele is tuned to D. The scale pattern of C becomes a D scale. The F scale becomes a G scale and so on. Most of you will know a C scale if you have tried to play melody on your C tuned ukulele. It will be the first scale you learnt. That C pattern now becomes a D scale on your D tuned instrument. You are now prepared to easily play many Irish tunes. There are hundreds of catchy easy songs and tunes in D. You play in D by playing the patterns you learned on your C tuned uke.

The chords are easy too. The C chord shape becomes a chord that sounds a D, F becomes G, and the G chord shape becomes an A chord. It’s that simple! The appropriate change in your head occurs very quickly if you keep one uke always tuned to D. When you pick that uke up you start to think D tuning! I kid you not!
Because ITM repertoire is so attractive to the ear you can quickly join in with lots of the music played in the ITM sessions around the world. Brendan Williams, mentor of 30 years, and I will be delighted to show you how to learn it. We taught ourselves to do it. Having played string instruments before, it came readily to us. We do understand it will be a bit harder for some other players, but we will guide you every step of the way if you wish. We know you already have plenty of great musical skills if you are a regular BUMSter.

This is why we have designed our sessions with a slow quiet ukulele based segment at 5:30 PM. Slow and quiet so you can hear yourself and us play easily. The material will be available as lyric sheets, chord progression charts and music notation on Dropbox. We can help you learn music notation too as we know that is the fastest way to learn music in any context. Music used to be learnt just by ear but now people learn best by ear and by reading at around the same time. When I now see the structure of the music I can learn it much faster! It’s amazing how little this is appreciated even today.

ITM sessions are without charts in front of players, although you can have some music charts at the slow sessions at first. All the music is very gradually learned by memory, usually songs first.

You can do this by focusing on the easiest and catchiest music you hear, the music that you love the most. This is probably how you first learned to play the ukulele anyway. Then if you have a chart at home you can study a complete tune in your own time. It speeds things up too if you record the first piece you want to learn on your phone at the session or at another time for study purposes. The easiest pieces to learn are songs. Songs are lots of fun but if a piece doesn’t turn you then don’t do it! Make it a rule to only do the fun bits.

You can use your C tuned ukulele but it will work much better if you keep one uke especially tuned to D, like I do. Of course you will also have much more fun if you get some specific lessons on techniques and repertoire.
It’s going to be fun. It’s going to work. It’s going to work for you.”

This will be something different for any of our players. Please contact Peter at or just turn up on Thursdays, grab a beer and some great food. Brendan and Peter will answer all the questions you have but please bear in mind it’s a live session, not a workshop.
Why not have a craic?

FACEBOOK PAGE: McCarthys Celtic Music Session


Check the News & Events Page for all the latest info on  jams and performances.

Points on Tuning
The ukulele will be tuned up one whole step from C to D. GCEA becomes ADF#B.
D tuning can be high or low on string 4, in the same way as C. High tuning produces a wonderfully sweet and addictive harp like sound. Low tuning will extend the melodic range of the instrument a very handy amount, because ukuleles otherwise have quite a limited range. Watch out! God forbid, you may eventually wish to have a ukulele specially preserved in each tuning!