How to look after your uke in Queensland

Looking after your uke is a mix of common sense combined with cheap and simple care. Here are some tips on coping with hot and humid Queensland, changing strings and keeping your uke looking good.

Kyser Dehumidifier for the sound hole of your uke.

Keeping your use cool and dry

It’s been a hot and humid summer.  Just as we humans are mostly water, your ukulele is mostly timber.  They can suffer terribly if they’re left to the elements.  Store your uke away from direct sunlight and in a temperature regulated environment to avoid cracking, warping and glue dissipation.  You wouldn’t leave your kids or pets in a hot car – same applies to your uke.

The best way to inexpensively prevent moisture in the air getting to your beautiful uke is to keep some silica gel in your case.  Or you can purchase de humidifiers – a great investment particularly in muggy Queensland.

Check out the uke specific Kyser humidifier made for the sound hole.

New strings

To keep your uke sounding good, it needs new strings at least every now and again. They’re cheap, easy to fit and will almost always improve the tone/tuning/playability of your instrument. If your ukes intonation is off, the tuning is going out frequently or the sound is becoming dull, that’s the first place to start.

We recommend trying a few different sets to see what you like the best. Brands like Aquila offer a wide variety of uke strings and are great to test out without breaking the bank. If the thought of doing your own tie on strings at the bridge is daunting, Ernie Ball make a string with ball ends which simply slot in and pull through – no ties needed.

Keep your uke looking good with Dunlop 65 cleaner.Keeping your uke clean

STOP! PUT THE PINE-O-CLEEN DOWN!  Only instrument specific cleaning products should be used on your uke. The best way to clean the wood is to gently rub it down with a soft microfiber cloth and a small amount of Dunlop 65 polish and cleaner.  Use lemon oil to clean and condition your finger board.

Thanks to Sean from Morris Brothers for these tips.  Morris Brothers is a major sponsor of BUMS and stocks a ‘great wall’ of ukuleles as well as all the products mentioned.

Ferny Grove and Northside Jams come together for one big Christmas celebration at the Northside Christmas Spectacular at Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club — Wednesday 11 December.

Join Linda Gough, Paul Morris, Peter Grace, Andrew Hunt and their special guests for a fun night of your favourite jam songs and many festive favs. Grab your uke, don your Christmas T and sparkles and get ready for a fun strum and singalong.

Special Guest Acts

  • Linda’s Uke’n’Sing Groups
  • Donna & Derek Farrell
  • Jingle Chums

Festive Finger Food served through the night including Gluten free options.

Entry is free for BUMS members, and visitors pay $5.

You could take home one of the TEN fabulous Lucky Door prizes!

Ohana Tenor Ukulele with a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides RRP $495
Kohala Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele RRP $199.95
And other prizes of wine and chocolates.

Many thanks to Morris Brothers Music Store for all the prizes and their continuing support.

Pick up some great musical gift ideas at their pop up shop.




DATE: A special date for the event —Wednesday 11 December

TIME: Special extended time of 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

VENUE: Northside Christmas Spectacular at Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club, 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove

The kitchen is open from 6:00 pm with a new menu. Please ring (07) 3851 1889 if you’d like to book a table for dinner.

What a great time was had by all at the introduction to ukulele night put on by Morris Brothers Music, BUMS and Linda’s Uke‘N’Sing. There were about 140 beginners attending. It was a great place to start for people with no or limited knowledge as the information was simple and clear — so easy to follow. At the start we were taught what all the bits on the ukulele were called, how to hold it and all the essential things like that. We quickly moved on though, and were playing our first song within 10 minutes from the start!

The songs to follow were a good selection of quick to master songs. The music and lyrics were projected onto a large screen at the front of the room, making it easy to see and follow along.

Linda & Paul with lyrics on the big screen.

The enthusiasm and joy buzzing around the room was infectious,” said Pam one of the participants. Linda who was leading the class had an easy manner, and an all inclusive way to make sure everyone got something out of the session. Linda and Paul (who was also running the class) worked very well together and clearly loved what they were doing.

Linda demonstrates chord shape.

We had several breaks for people to rest their fingers, have a drink, ask questions and chat with other beginners. The age range of the participants was from school-aged children to retirees, and everything in-between. Everyone was keen to learn and have fun.

There were many volunteers from BUMS on hand to give support to the beginners with things like tuning, finger placement, strumming and other tips. Morris Brothers Music had a pop-up shop with all things ukulele, so any necessary purchases could be made, and advice given.

At the end of the evening, although many had sore fingers, the enthusiasm was still buzzing and the nerves had been replaced with a feeling of achievement.

Over 140 Ferny Grove beginners & BUMS volunteers, Feb 2019

What a wonderful night, such enthusiastic teachers and learners. We had such fun and were playing songs from the beginning!” said J.H.

It was a great night and I have learnt so much,” said H.E. ‘We had a lovely night. I would recommend it to everyone. It won’t disappoint!” said V.N.

Margaret Zordan

Uke Tricks ….to make you sound like a Pro. Derek Farrell shows you how with some simple tricks, you can learn how to unleash the power of your hands and take your playing to a whole new level.

Taking a couple of simple tunes to get you started, he’ll show you how to use your chord hand and your strumming hand to really lift your songs. This is suitable for anyone who can find their way around the common chords.

One night only – this is a FREE workshop with the Ferny Grove Jam admission.

The workshop starts at 6:00 pm then stay to jam 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club,
20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove QLD 4055.

COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5. This includes the Workshop “Uke Tricks to make you sound like a Pro” (and the Beginners Class).

TIMES:  Workshop 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 


Derek has been teaching the Beginners Finger-style Group before the Ferny Grove Jam since 2014.

His classes have advanced members who are comfortable with ukulele chords and strumming, to the next level of playing adding basic finger style techniques. Derek has a structured lesson plan, and provides files on line to aid participants practice at home. He has generously shared lots of great resources and lessons from his finger-styling group at

Derek has also taught-  Build The Blues Workshop, Left Hand Techniques, and Intermediate strumming Techniques for Brisbane Ukulele, as well as workshops at festivals around Queensland including SPRUKE Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival.


Ferny Grove and Northside Jams unite for Christmas! Join Linda Gough, Paul Morris and Tony Richardson for a fun night as they lead a festive strum with special guest performers The CHUMS, The NUMBBUMS, and The Daytrippers.

Catch up with all your northside friends for a drink and nibbles from 6:30pm.

Our wonderful sponsors Morris Brothers Music Store at Stafford have donated the raffle prize and lucky door prize.

Check out the Morris Brothers pop-up shop with lots of giftideas for the musically minded….maybe pick up a Christmas pressie for yourself!

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club, 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove, QLD 4055 (07) 3851 1889
TIME: Nibbles from 6:30pm. Jam starts 7:00– 9:00 pm
COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

Please note there is no Ferny Grove Jam on Wednesday 20 December and no Northside Jam on Tuesday 26 December. This event replaces both for December 2017.

Morris Brothers Music Store are having a HUGE Ukulele Expo.


Saturday 2 December – Sunday 10 December

See and try a huge selection of ukuleles from Hawaii, over the USA, Australia, and all over the world, from $35 to $2,000.

Just in time for all your Christmas shopping is the big Market Sale, with heaps of music and gift ideas from $2.

Enter prize draws and giveaways.

Bring a friend and introduce them to what must be the perfect Christmas gift – a ukulele! The friendly and talented staff will get anyone playing in 5 minutes!