‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ has never been more pertinent to ukulele players!

In June 2020 — with COVID restricting gatherings to 10 people — I decided to start a local group where I live in Algester/Parkinson.  After advertising on Facebook, I had a few starters. As the weeks stretched out, the virus wasn’t moving away. So after several weeks of practising, I decided that it was time to get my ten “starters” motivated to perform for an audience.

At the beginning of October 2020, my local cafe, Milli and Mols, was hosting a Pink Morning Tea to raise funds for breast cancer. With a huge smile and ukulele in hand, I approached the cafe on behalf of the group, now aptly called Parkinson Ukulele Group (PUG). We offered to entertain the Pink Morning Tea patrons.

Parkinson Ukulele Group debut performance, October 2020.

With 15 songs rehearsed, new matching group shirts, and lots of enthusiasm, PUG entertained the cafe patrons for two magic hours.  Tunes like Bye Bye Baby, Three Little Birds and several others rung out across Algester. We had a few requests from the crowd that gathered to listen and take pics and vids. Fortunately we could accommodate most of them.

Parkinson Ukulele Group performing at Milli and Mols, October 2020.

Both our local council and state members attended and were very impressed by PUG — so much so that they’re keen for us to play at other gigs around the area in 2021.

A terrific time was had by all. But the winner of the day was the ukulele. Spreading the joy of music and sharing the love of this great instrument really is the key to a long and happy life.

Look out for the PUG at a venue near you. We’re currently scouting for some Christmas gigs. I’ll keep you posted!

Angela McGrath

East by West are the featured act at Redlands Modern Country Music Club

Folk Redlands are hosting East of West as their feature act at the Redlands Modern Country Music Club in February 2020.

East of West play original music with a focus on improvisation, inspired by the music of the Mediterranean and Balkans. After the performance there will be a ukulele workshop for intermediate to advanced players.

Afternoon kicks off with blackboard performers, followed by East of West performance, and Ukulele Workshop for Advanced Players.
Walk-in Blackboard performers are welcome on a “first-in” basis. 20-minutes slots including change-over. PA provided.
1:00 pm – Blackboard
2:00 pm – East of West performance
3:00 pm – Ukulele Workshop

DATE: 16 February 2020
TIME: 1:00-4:00 pm
VENUE: Redlands Modern Country Music Club, 226 Cleveland Redland Bay Rd, Thornlands (Pinklands Reserve)
COST: Entry fee to cover venue costs: $ 3 members, $5 non-members.
Folk Redlands Membership is just $5 per annum. Join at the door and pay only $3 entry.

This is not a BUMS official event so please direct any inquiries to




Learn to play in a ukulele ensemble with Philip Griffin.
If you have a good grounding in ukulele, stretch your skills by playing arrangements made especially for ukulele orchestra.
The pieces will work best if there is a good mix of different ukulele types – baritones, low-G tenors, uBass welcome!


East of West is a fresh project from players firmly grounded in professional music performance, offering a captivating new take on the fusion between world music and jazz. We play original music with a focus on improvisation, inspired by the music of the Mediterranean and Balkans. The project was formed in order to explore new compositions that showcase the players’ extensive experience playing at both national and international levels.

The trio consists of Bosnian-born Goran Gajić (double bass), Philip Griffin (oud) and Malindi Morris (hand percussion). All three are active in professional music scenes, including world, jazz, folk, & baroque. Goran Gajić plays with and composes for the Queensland Music Award winning band Mzaza. Philip Griffin works or has worked with internationally renowned musicians such as Linsey Pollak, Tunji Beier, Frankie Armstrong and Ross Daly. Malindi Morris has worked with internationally known guitarists ‘Duo Aritmija’ in Slovenia, composing for and directing the project ‘Lastovka’ and was one of the founding band leaders of the Balkan brass band ‘The Transbalkan Express’.

Website Links:
Folk Redlands
Redlands Modern Country Music Club
East of West

Join Tom the Pom for 2 workshops and a show in one big night of ukulele fun at Coorparoo Bowls club Friday 18 October 2019

Two workshops and a show on one big night of fun with Tom the Pom.

Come to Tom Harding’s Disco Funk Ukulele Workshop. It’s all about the beat! To get your groove on and feel that rhythm you gotta think like a percussionist. Identify some of the traps that uke players fall into. Counting, grouping  and mutes is what turns a four chord trick into a groove.

Keep the party happening with Tom the Pom Show. One bloke, four strings, loads of tricky chords and a surprising singalong. We’ll end the night on a high playing “One Chord Song with Cheeky Bass Line” with something for everyone from absolute beginners to folks who can juggle parts.

On tour in Queensland during October,Tom is offering this exclusive event just for BUMS in Brisbane.

DATE: Friday 18 October 2019

TIME: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

VENUE: Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo

BUMS Members: $10 (whopping 60% discount) + $0:50 booking fee – Look out for your members promo code email 28 September 2019 Subject: Members Promo Code for October Ukulele Workshop.

Tickets available now at Trybooking


Tom the Pom (Tom Harding) is originally from the UK, lives in the Blue Mountains with his family. Tom loves music, but not traditional music education. Learning shouldn’t be a chore.  Tom’s been teaching for nearly 30 years, and specialises in getting people playing as quickly as possible. Tom’s regular gig is teaching music workshops to groups in schools, corporations, group homes, festivals, parties and more! Tom has also taught ukulele workshops at Springstrum, Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival and Newkulele.

Tom plays percussion, ukulele, guitar and bass, and has recorded an album of percussion under the name Samba Ninja, and a mini album of didgeridoo solos as Tom the Pom. He also leads the ukulele club at his son’s primary school.



Gypsy Rumble at Samual Grays Cafe Saturday 30 March 2019

Looking for a great night out?

Fresh from the Adelaide Fringe Festival Gypsy Rumble bring their rollicking show to Samual Grays Cafe and Craft Beer Bar.  Heralded as “Australia’s quirkiest Celtic/Folk band” the Gypsy Rumble has its roots in Celtic, world and bush dance fun. Add in great food and even better, a craft beer bar at Samual Grays Cafe, and you can look forward to a brilliant Saturday night.



6:30PM Band starts 7:00PM

735 Albany Creek Road, Albany Creek, Queensland 4035


Your $25 includes a $15 voucher towards anything on the menu. There’s plenty to choose from for $15 from Garlic Prawn Skewers to Burgers & Fries or individual pizzas.  For just a few dollars more choose something more filling like the Bourbon Glazed Beef Ribs.  You can check out the menu here.

Gypsy Rumble were a hit last year when they played at Lefties and they’ll be playing a massive three sets so wear your dancing shoes!
“This is how to entertain a crowd, not just play songs” Roo Live Experience
“Awesome group. Definitely recommend them” Ben Wallace
“great fun with oodles of enthusiasm” Sam Berry
“good musicians and entertaining” Barry Street

Gypsy Rumble at Samual Grays Cafe Saturday 30 March 2019

The BFG- BUMS Supergroup to perform a Uke Opera at Newkulele 2019

The biennial Newkulele Festival is on Friday 19 October 2018 — Sunday 21 October 2018. Newkulele is the sister festival to our SPRUKE Festival (they have the even year and we have the odd). This year we are excited that there is a significant contingent of BUMS off to perform and represent Brisbane.

The BFG (BUMS Festival Group) have been arranging, preparing and rehearsing for many months. They’ve created a Uke Opera, maybe the first ever! A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story of eleven songs woven together by a narrator.   It’s a tale full of emotion, love, frustration, anger, craziness, sorrow, joy, and violence! How will it all end? Will our hero and heroine end up like the tragic Shakespearean couple? What has the Goodwill Bridge got to do with it all?

The BFG members come from many of the BUMS performing bands. NUMB BUMS, Ukulele Saints, the CAGE, and Hypnotonics with a  narrator of great stature, our alpha BUM and President Max Borchardt.

See these BUMS at Newkulele

  • Ukulele Saints —  Sat 20 Oct in the Hunter Room 10:10 – 10:30 am
  • Hypnotonics —  Sat 20 Oct in the Cocert Hall 11:00 – 11:30 am
  • BFG Uke Opera — Sat 20 Oct in the Concert Hall 2:10 – 2:40 pm

Get all the Newkulele news

Download the Newkulele Program

We have a very special repeat performance of the Uke Opera at the October Northside Jam on the special night Tuesday 30 October. This is the only other performance of the Uke Opera … ever … so if you didn’t get to Newkulele Festival don’t miss it! More info here 

Check out the BFG in rehearsal for Newkulele 2018

Mick Angeles and Michael Willimot have just returned from the Pilbara, teaching and performing. I asked Mick how such a great opportunity came about and what they’ll be doing.

Michael Willimott and I were running the Ukulele Jams in Coopers Bar at the Woodford Festival.

We were approached by a couple who were impressed with our performance and ease with crowds and they asked if we would be interested in playing at their Nameless Festival in the Pilbara at Tom Price. We both agreed it would be fun but never thought anything would come of it.

This couple were the organisers of the festival along with their commitee. They contacted us again around March to re-inforce their request to have us perform at their festival.

To make it worthwhile as it is a long way from Brisbane to the Pilbara, and through conversations at Woodford, they discovered that we taught ukulele and added a further proposal. They asked us to teach the kids ukulele at Paraburdoo Primary School, Tom Price Primary School, Tom Price North Primary School, Tom Price High School and at the Wakathuni Community.
We will also be doing performances for the sponsors, a gig night and at the festival on the weekend.

Sunday we are being treated to a day long trip around Karijini National Park and gorges.

We’ll fly home Monday morning, leaving Paraburdoo at 9.00am and arriving in Brisbane around 11.30pm. Apparently the trip back is quicker … but not by much!

Mick won’t be home for long, he hits the road again early in September to represent BUMS Inc teaching Ukulele School and performing at Bony Mountain Folk Festival- 2018. More info here.


” What a great week we had Mick Geoff Angeles! It was more than a pleasure to have you with us in our amazing slice of heaven tucked away in the Pilbara. You have truely earned your red dirt passport and a way into our hearts!” Pilbara Geddes (Facebook)

Binary Music are hosting the big UKE JAM DAY on Saturday 16 June again this year.

Grab your uke and a friend and head to cleveland for a fun filled day of strumming and singing with fellow ukeaholics. Warm up with an all-in ukulele strum and sing jam with some guest ukulele clubs and special guest Vic Kena.

Enjoy a long lunch at La Bella Italian Cafe featuring live entertainment. There’s a selection of delicious Italian meals to chose from

Top off your day with a couple of workshops. Learn some pro tips at the afternoon workshops presented by Vic Kena and Len Henderson.

All the fun kicks off at Binary Music Studio- 11/48 Bloomfield St, Cleveland, Queensland 4163 from 9:00am; Lunch & Concert 12:00pm and Workshops 2:30pm & 3:45pm.

Download the flyer with all details- Uke Jam Day 2018 Flyer

VIP all day pass tickets $45 or individual sessions from $10 available from Eventbrite.

We  are changing up the northside event in May with a special- one night only- Jam and Free Workshop.

This is our last jam for BUMS birthday month of May so we are partying hard!

Grab your uke and bring some friends for a ukin’ lively time. All chords & lyrics projected on screen, so no need for books or printing!


BEGINNERS CLASS FROM 6:30PM. If you have just bought a uke or new to playing, learn some important chords to get you jam ready!

JAM from 7:00PM with Peter Grace, and Andrew Hunt.


The man in black, Johnny Cash, had a significant impact on the country music scene, but he in turn was influenced by others. So this is not yet another trotting out of Folsom Prison Blues, I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire! Oh, no – it’s is an unheralded side of Johnny Cash, an excursion into a different yet familiar world.

Direct from a glittering premiere at the 2018 Mountview Winery Autumn Ukulele Festival, Peter Ransom will present this unique program of great music and fascinating but useless trivia at BUMS Northside on May 22, 2018. Everyone is invited to be part of it, playing and singing and perhaps performing with the previously-unheard of Johnny Cash Chorale (in true Northside/Tony Richardson fashion, the Chorale will be formed on the night).

If you’re not totally at ease with this focus on J. Cash, be assured it doesn’t go on all evening and it’s not a grinding look at the rough stuff in his life. It runs for about 45 minutes and it’s fun.

VENUE: Northern Suburbs Bowls Club. 175 Edinburgh Castle Rd, Wavell Heights.
TIME: Beginners Class at 6:30 pm.  Jam starts 7:00 pm.
COST: BUMS Inc members FREE; and visitors $5. Includes Beginners Class and ‘Johnny Cash As You Never Knew Him’.

In tribute to Johnny Cash wear your best ‘Man in Black’ gear …… there will be a prize!

Lucky Door Prizes – it’s BUMS birthday but the goodies are for you.

Bring some change for our special “Man in Black” Raffle.

* A Johnny Cash for Ukulele Songbook,
* Black strap
* Black tuner

TICKETS $2 OR 3 for $5.

Thanks to our sponsors Binary Music for helping us get this pack together


No food available for sale at Northern Suburbs Bowls Club but you are welcome to bring food, so bring a takeaway or maybe a little something to share with your table. The Bar is open for all your liquid refreshments!

Read more about the history of the Northside Jam. You can find all the BUMS Inc ukulele jams around Brisbane, festivals and other BUMS events here on our News & Events.

Check out BUMS Inc performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele and join us on Facebook @BrisbaneUkulele for all the latest news and pics.

The generally sleepy town of Kenilworth was alive with the sounds of ukulele as the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival hit town form 19 – 22 April 2018. Many BUMS made the trek up to the SCUMS (Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters) Ukulele Fiesta to perform, host workshops or just general have a good time.

Congratulations to (in no particular order) Donna & Derek Farrell, Duke Ukem, Trevor Gollagher, Hint of Rosemary, Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts, Kine Kool, Girt By C, Redland City Ukes, Hypnotonics, Vic Kena and all those BUMS who took to the Open Mic up there. You did us proud!

From all accounts …and these photos…a good time was had by all!

See more pics on their Facebook page

YouTube performances: A Touch of Rosemary , Duke Ukem, and more on Seailive’s Channel

Hold your cursor on the image to stop it for a good look! Image credit: Liz Crunkhorn.

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BUMS retrn to the QPAC Green Jam 22 December

We are thrilled to be have BUMS performing groups invited to return to QPAC’s famous Green Jam again this month. The BUMS line up for 2018 is NUMB BUMS, Mama Juju and the Jam Tarts and Four Drink Limit.

Wrap up your work week and kick start the Christmas weekend!  If you are going to see A Very Kransky Christmas  or Spirit of Christmas 2017 arrive early, chill out under the stars before your show and get in the festive mood. Catch up with friends on the lawn, drink in hand, cool breeze in the air and grab a bite from Green Jam Eats.

The Green Jam is a FREE event so perfect to bring all your friends and family. Close to public transport.

DATE: Friday 22 December

VENUE: Green Jam, Melbourne Street Green, QPAC.

TIME: 5:30- 9:30pm


Check out all the fun we had in 2017!