Drawn at the Northside Billy Bob Jam on 25 May 2021. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, and congratulations to our winners!


1st Prize: Frank Buckley    Orange F22

2nd Prize: Garry Madigan    Blue D08

3rd Prize: Leanne Williams    Blue J58

Frank happened to be on stage setting up for the next set and was very surprised to be a winner

Frank’s surprise

Confidence is the best accessory!

Fake it until you make it with this great pack of ukulele accessories. You’ll look like a pro!

So when you get to a jam this May bring a couple of dollars for our Raffle.

Tickets are $2 each.

Drawn 25 May at the ‘Billy Bob’ Northside Jam.

Guitto GGS-01B Professional Foldable Music Stand with duffle bag RRP $63.67
Guitto GSS-01 Guitar/Ukulele floor stand RRP $29.95
Bamboo Table Music Book Stand RRP $36.48
Ukulele Hook to suit GGS-01B Music Stand RRP $17.95
Ukulele Chord Melody Songbook RRP $41.95
Ukulele Chord Dictionary RRP $24.00
RRP Total $214.

With 2 x Runner Up packs each with CDs, strings, and a Festival T.

Many thanks to our supporters Trevor Gollagher of Southwest Studios and Binary Music.