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The second cab off the rank in our jam feature series is … TOOWONG DAYTIME JAM!

Michelle, Sue & Peter with cakes to celebrate the Daytime Jam’s 4th birthday.

The Toowong Daytime jam has been running for about four (4) years. It was originally established at Indooroopilly in October 2014, but moved to Toowong Bowls Club shortly afterwards when the Indooroopilly Bowls Club closed down. This jam was started by Sue and Peter Sercombe, and they continue to run it to this day. They have become an institution. Their daughter, Michelle, provides wonderful support by running the projector every month, and Will Whittaker also helps out with bass.

This jam runs on the second Wednesday of each month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, with a break between the two sets. There’s also an open mike session at the end of the first set. It’s common for people to stay and have lunch together after the jam, so it tends to be a friendly, social time.

Sue and Peter cover a lot of musical territory, but they have a particular love of melodic songs with lots of harmony, such as songs by the Everly Brothers, Mamas and Papas and Buddy Holly. These songs hit the mark for those that enjoy a singalong.

The Wednesday 10 October Jam was well attended by about 55 people.

True to form, the first set included the Everly Brothers: “All I have to do is dream” and Mamas and Papas: “Dream a Little Dream of Me” classics. We also belted out the Beatles rock song “I saw her standing there”. And then we went back in time to 1911 for: “I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)” which became popular with barbershop quartets.

Lesley, Salli & Keryn’s open mic

It was then time for some open mike. Salli Chmura, Lesley Allen and Keryn Henderson sang the Kasey Chambers number “Am I not Pretty Enough”, and “Autumn Leaves”, the song done by many, including Eric Clapton, Eva Cassidy, Sting and Ed Sheeran.

Salli, Lesley and Keryn had some lovely harmonies and finger-picking in their version of this song.



Peter Ransom had an array of Hawaiian shirts to virtually give away before entertaining us with a beautiful old song called “Busy Lines”. Peter then sang the Hawaiian song of farewell called “Aloha Oe” (I hope I got that right) accompanied by Jenny whose dancing to this music makes you want to dive in the water and swim with the dolphins.

Peter & Jenny Ransom’s open mic

The second set included a couple of favourites of mine” “Let me Be There” by Olivia Newton John and Paul Kelly’s song “To Her Door”. I noticed that Sue told us beforehand that we need to clip the end of the phrases to get the rhythm of Paul Kelly’s song correct. She was spot on, and it worked a treat. We also did some rock ‘n roll songs including “Love is All Around” by the Troggs and “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Hayley and the Comets.

I asked Sue after the jam if there was anything she would like me to say, and she told me that they like to have fun. I think Sue and Peter achieve that aim. So well done to the two of them, and to everyone else who helps with this Jam.

Sue, Michelle and Peter stay for lunch.

NOTE: Peter and Sue will be away for the next jam, and Stephanie Sherrington will be stepping into the role for the month of November.

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