The Morris Brothers ukulele journey began a few years ago, with a discussion about how to bring the joy we experience as instrument players, to the wider (and significantly larger) group of ‘non-players’.

The ukulele quickly became the obvious choice — it’s easy to start playing, it’s affordable and so much fun to play with friends (and strangers)!


So, we started building ‘UKE NATION‘ — a ‘one-stop’ ukulele shop.

Part of the ukulele wall

Those who know us, know our key difference. Most other stores just ‘sell’ ukuleles — we are passionate about changing people’s lives through the joy of playing music — and the ukulele is that perfect instrument.

More of the ukulele wall

Other key differences:
 You will NEVER pay full price for a ukulele. Full Stop!
 We compare everything, so if a ukulele makes it onto our wall, you know it is a standout for the price.
 We support and run ukulele evenings, support BUMS events, and are always looking for new innovative instruments and accessories to share with you.

The Australian connection

As you may be aware, the Maton factory closed for a significant period of time last year during Victoria’s COVID lockdown. It may be 9-12 months before Maton ukuleles are available again, using the legendary Aussie Blackwood.

Best April Australian Buys

If you are looking for the amazing tone that Blackwood timber produces, we proudly present:

  • KALA All Solid Blackwood Acoustic/Electric Tenor Ukulele with cutaway, Fishman Kula pickup/tuner & deluxe tweed hard case. This model is exclusive to the Australian market. RRP: $1,150 Special Price: $920

Kala blackwood ukulele

  • MAKAI All Solid Fiddleback Blackwood (the oldest, rarest and tonally richest Blackwood!) Acoustic/Electric Tenor – fitted with double pickup, including deluxe hard case. RRP: $1,699 Special Price: $1,359

Makai blackwood ukulele

We love supporting products made in this great country and have a great range of Australian-made ukulele straps.

Incredible range of ukuleles

Don’t forget we also have the broadest range of ukes to expand your collection, including:

  • 6 and 8 string ukuleles.
  • Banjoleles and resonator ukes.
  • Oil can ukuleles.
  • Acoustic/electric hollow-body and all-solid 4 & 5 string ubasses.
  • ‘Kamaka’ Hand made in Hawaii ukuleles.
  • The incredible ‘Hydra’ by Ortega Twin Neck (4 string and 8 string) ukulele. (We’re eagerly awaiting the tenor/ubass version in Australia!!)

Our range is constantly changing and evolving, along with a great range of music & accessories (e.g. 5-uke stand just $58!),

BUMS Inc members always get 10% off all music and accessories.

Support Morris Brothers ‘UKE NATION‘, your local ukulele specialists, and help us to keep changing people’s lives through the power of the UKULELE!

Morris Brothers Music Store

2/17 Billabong St, Stafford, Qld, 4053

07 3356 3299