Ukulele Bluegrass Style

On Saturday 15 June¸ thirty-one budding enthusiasts attended a Bluegrass workshop at the Zillmere Community Hall.

Full concentration

Tony Richardson was the presenter together with his noble assistant¸ Cath McCourt.



The topics covered included the origin of, and the basics of, traditional bluegrass music; how to best play bluegrass on your ukulele;  some of the methods to achieve that style; and proper etiquette should one wish to join in with a bluegrass jam in session.

These topics were explained along with some elementary music theory and some well worded advice on how we should each tune our particular musical instrument to embrace the bluegrass style of music.

A jam session was then enjoyed by everyone.  Tony explained the difference between our usual jamming technique, and led us through how those songs should be played bluegrass style.

A joyous workshop, enjoyed by all.

On behalf of all who attended thank you, Tony and Cath.  As those who recently attended Kennilworth will attest¸ you definitely were not an inconvenience.

John Fitzgibbon