Ukulele in the Park @ Parkinson

I’m one of those people that comment on posts on Facebook — and then sometimes regret it!

You know, commenting on topics like, vaccines, for or against or Rugby or AFL, or even more disturbing, should I have dinner out tonight?

Well, some weeks ago I saw a post on our local residents Algester/Parkinson Facebook page asking about ukulele. The questions was about starting a local group. So I answered. Sure, I play. How can I help? A few random posts on the page asking if anyone was interested in learning, and we were off and running.

Ukulele in the park

Angie’s uke converts practising in the park.

Tuesday 9 June was our 3rd meeting. We meet in a lovely little park with a rotunda in a very quiet neighbourhood in Parkinson.

I have become the accidental teacher with anywhere between 8 and 15 enthusiastic learners. All absolute beginners — but some picking up the concept quicker than others.

Generally, I print five 2- or 3-chord songs for the group, and they contribute a gold coin donation to cover printing costs. For people seeking advice about upgrading their ukuleles, I suggest the local music store at Browns Plains. To help them widen their repertoire, I also encourage them to use YouTube and purchase the Ukulele Club Songbook.

We’ve now morphed into two little groups, and I have enlisted another player to help with the “very” beginners while I coach the more “advanced” beginners.

For an hour and a half, so much is learned, played and enjoyed that you can only smile at the joy the ukulele brings. I’ve been privileged to meet some wonderful people who  have come along and joined in during the COVID19 isolation, and experienced community and friendship through ukulele.

I’ve set them a goal — by the end of September, have six songs ready to perform in a local venue.

Stay tuned for an update of where and when so that you can come and cheer these great people on.

Angela McGrath