The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner's Group program

Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Program – June 14


Are you someone who:

  • Have no clue where to begin your Uke journey?
  • Ready to explore new creative pathways with the Ukulele as your starting vehicle?
  • Feel like you’re running around in circles with your practice?
  • Would you like to gain more confidence and fill in those gaps on your instrument?
  • Do you need a place to be kept accountable to achieve your goals?
  • Have you neglected your inner child and just want a space to play and experiment with music and creativity?
  • Are you READY to jump in the deep and truly back your creative dreams?

It all starts with a bit of Ukulele Practice and someone to help you get there!

The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner’s Group program is a fun and transforming journey for anyone wanting to really kick start their musical practice, feel inspired and experience what is truly possible. The Ukulele is used as a gateway for finding your own unique path in; healing, creative confidence, fun, joy, performance and so much more in our online community. This is an 8 week intensive program tailored to the goals of each participant within the group.

Run by Miss Elm, a ukulele teacher of 5+ years, performer and endorsed Lanikai Artist.

If you would like to join simply click here or email for more info.

More about Erin HERE in her Ukulele Teachers profile.

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