BUMS member and member of Kanile’a ‘Ukulele Ohana, VIC KENA, is on his way out west … taking ukulele to Winton’s music festival on 6 to 11 April 2021.

The Aussie Uke Show

This will be a big week for Vic and his family, as they travel to Winton, 1360km from Brisbane, for multiple appearances on the Festival Calendar. Vic and the Australian Ukulele Show will perform at (at least) 12 events on the Festival Calendar. Vic will perform as a solo artist, as a member of a travelling fraternity of the Australian Ukulele Show, and as teacher and workshop leader.

From 9:30am until about 11:45am Tuesday to Saturday you can join in with Vic at the North Gregory Hotel. He positively welcomes new players and will have numerous ukulele available for absolute beginners. Each day the workshop will be followed by performances from the Aussie Uke Show travelling fraternity line-up of Vic, his wife Kerrie (vocals and baritone), daughter Georgie ( vocals and bass) and the outstanding Allan Cameron on vocals and ukulele. It’s a new line-up, but loaded with talent.

Vic and Allan will each do 2-hour solo performances at the Australian Hotel on Saturday, and Friday, and Vic will rock the Winton Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the performance program. Pub Program | Winton’s Way Out West Fest

Not Just Uke

But the festival is not only about ukulele! There are additional performances on the main stage including Chad Morgan, The Bushwhackers, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, Sheppard, Daryl Braithwaite and Lee Kernaghan. There will also be the Rise-Up Showcase with plenty of outstanding new talent.

Local Attractions

Step back in time for the Royal Open Air Cinema. Drop in to the Shire Hall for a mass of artists and events, including comedy, bluegrass, balladeers and an all-star tribute concert to Slim Dusty accompanied by Slim’s original musicians “The Travelling Country Band”.

Tickets & Accommodation

There is a tent city (with accommodation available), camping, vans and RVs, and even swags are welcome.

Winton’s Way Out West Fest | Supporting Outback Communities | 6-11 April, 2021 | Outback Adventure

You can get tickets and accommodation from the website.

About Vic

So back to Vic — He is passionate about assisting new ukulele players, and at “VK Ukulele” ((29) VK UKULELE – YouTube) you can see some of his new material. You can also catch up at the Royal Mail (Hotel) Group each month, or hear and play with him on community radio. His monthly show on Radio 4EB 98.1fm promotes ukulele, has interviews of many community musicians and he plays a few ukulele tunes. Chord charts are available pre-show. If you aren’t in the broadcast area — you can listen via iHeart Radio or often Vic’s Facebook page.

You probably don’t know that he also hosted two full-house ukulele camps at University of Queensland in November. He’s working on some new solo material (and I know it’s going to be pretty good!!)

I know that Kanile’a are pleased that Vic is a member of their Ohana and are eagerly awaiting some “Proper” outback performances. Hawaii to Far West Queensland … could this be the first time the sweet sound of Kanile’a ukulele have echoed in the walls of the Winton hotels? 😊

He and his family are excited though, as they are about to embark on this Outback Adventure … 😊 and we wish him the best from BUMS.

Your Roving BUMS Reporter – Jim Bills

PS Quiz question: Who is the well-known BUMS member who lived in Winton in their youth???