Workshop-Strummin’ the Beat

This workshop is for people wishing to enhance their strumming techniques.
Whilst learning and practising chords is, of course, very important , many people don’t pay much attention to their strumming hand. Most players learn two or maybe three basic strums patterns and simply leave it at that. The ukulele however is not just a stringed instrument, it is also a percussive instrument, providing the beat and the emphasis for songs, which adds colour and interest to the music.
At this workshop, you will learn several different strumming patterns and see how different patterns can change the way songs sound.  We will look at strums for songs in both common time (4/4) and waltz time (3/4). Please note: This workshop is NOT about triple strums, fan strums or split strums.
For this workshop you will need to know the basic chords (major, minor, sevenths) and be able to change between them freely and easily.
Saturday 25 September 2021
Workshop 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. 

Zillmere Community Hall 52 Murphy Road, Zillmere, Brisbane, QLD 4034

Financial BUMS $10 use promo-code received Mon 23 August via email. Tickets at Trybooking from Wed 25 August. 
A ticketed COVID-Safe event.
A Soprano/Concert/Tenor ukulele. High-G or Low-G is fine. You can bring a Baritone uke, but any chord diagrams will be for “GCEA” tuning.
There will be a projector in use and handouts will be given at the start of the workshop. If you prefer to look at the handouts instead of the screen, then please bring a music stand.
Derek has played guitar and keyboards all his life and ukulele for the last 9 years. With his wife Donna they play as Totally Insane and with others as Totally Eclectic. Passionate about helping others improve their playing Derek has designed several different workshops. He also loves playing bass uke.